NAME:                  Sr. Sukiman Bin kasmin,MRISM

ADDRSSS:        18(1st Floor) Jalan Haji Manan,

                                86000 Kluang ,Johor,



                              Diploma In Urban Land Economic,

                                University Of British Columbia,



                              Member Of  Institution Of Surveyors Malaysia,

                                Registered Estate Agent and

                                Licensed Auctioneer (Johor State)


                              Henry Butcher Malaysia Asset Auctioneer Sdn Bhd. – Director,

                                Henry Butcher Real Estate (Kluang)  Sdn Bhd. – Director,

                                Henry Butcher Malaysia (Kluang) Sdn Bhd. – Director.

I started my career on November 7, 1970, after completed my Higher School Certificate and moved away from my hometown at Banting, Selangor to Kluang, Johor to take up a post of Assistant Valuation Officer at Kluang local authority. At that time the local authority referred to as Kluang Town Council governed the Kluang town and smaller towns encircling the district capital such as Kahang, Paloh, Chamek and Sri Lalang governed by their respective Local Councils. These bodies run on their own individually. These Councils are third tier Government after Federal and State Government. Their Councillors elected by people of the area as what the Parliament or State Assembly elections. But somehow these elections for the Councillors of local government bodies were suspended in 1965, more than 40 years ago.


Since these Councils especially the Local Councils are small and the office was managed only by a clerk. Their  own financial and administration were uneconomical and inefficient. As a result on January 1, 1977, the Town Council jointly with few Local Councils nearby were merged together to create a District Councils. For Kluang District, two District Councils were created, North Kluang and South Kluang District Councils. The North Kluang District Authorities contains Kluang Town Council together with Local Councils of Kampong Paya, Sri Lalang, Kampong Gajah, Kahang, Chamek, and Paloh. While South Kluang District Council consisting of Local Council of Rengam, Simpang Rengam, Layang-Layang, and Machap. Later on, these names changed to District Council Of Kluang and District Council Of Simpang Rengam. The District Council Of Kluang now elevated to Kluang Municipal Council from May 8, 2001.


In 1982 I pursued my degree course at The University Of British Columbia, Canada and graduated in 1986. Then continued working at Kluang District Council for a few years before I took early retirement and joined Henry Butcher Malaysia (Kluang) Sdn. Bhd. on January 1997 as Chief Operating Officer and promoted to Director 2 years later.

With Henry Butcher, I do the value of properties to determine their market values for corporate exercises, loans from banks, public auction, sale and purchase, and accounting purposes. So considerably I have valued almost all types of properties such as retail complex, shophouses, non-commercial houses, oil palm estate, and small holdings. Several of them worth millions in Ringgit Malaysia.

Whereas the auction jobs, I have done all four types of auction either Land Office, High Court, Loan Agreement Cum Assignment (LACA) and also the private auction. The High Court auction is for registry titles, Land Office auction is for land office titles, LACA for properties without titles yet and the Private auction is for the privately own properties. However, the last type is still not popular yet in Malaysia.

Lastly but not least is the agency jobs. This job sells properties for the owners or buying properties for the purchasers and of course, if the deal successful, a small commission will be paid according to the fee set by The Board Of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agent and Property Managers, Malaysia. This Board is the only body which controls and regulate all activities of valuers, appraisers, real estate agents and Property Managers in the entire country.


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